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A One of a Kind Journey

Whether modeling, acting, or writing and singing her own songs, Elissa appreciates the ability to expand and explore her own path of challenges and successes

From The Top

I grew up in rural Ontario and we didn’t have TV, so we mostly just played outside. I was taking piano lessons as a kid and always singing things while I played- so I started recording myself making up songs about things around me while I walked around in the forest. I still have some of them. I appreciate the time we’re in right now because I feel like you can be an Artist and a creative human and not need to fit into only one box. I’ll always be seeking new ways to express myself and connect with people, and there are many ways I like doing that. Having the opportunity to do some acting last year reminded me that playing a character can inspire music, and music can inspire visual art, and poetry, and it’s all a big mess of figuring out how you want to exist in the world. Very fun! Constantly trying to evolve and push boundaries of what I feel like I could be capable of.

Music To My Ears

I am exploring musically right now, it’s fun. Some of my current go-tos are Bonnie Raitt, Curtis Mayfield, Fiona Apple, John Martyn, Cat Power, Philip Glass, Prefab Sprout, Blue Nile, Carole King, and a lot of other random stuff that friends send me- I’ve been listening to a lot of gothic choral music because I really like choirs. I love great songs. I think the musicians that connect with me the most are the people who don’t just have a good hook or a moment, but have a song that is lyrically and melodically timeless and connects beyond trends to what makes humans human. That’s the thing I think I’ll spend my whole life trying to do.

Elissa & Project Social T

Facts and Favorites

What is your zodiac sign? Aquarius! I never used to read my horoscope but Cafecito Organico in LA has this little wall where you wait for your coffee and I’ve started to love reading my horoscope there.

Favorite food? I make this dish that has a lot of lemon zest/garlic/dill/other delicious things in a pan with chicken and wild rice and it is very delicious. My friends have affectionately christened it Canadian Swamp Chicken. (But I swear it tastes good!)

What would someone be surprised to know about you? I learned the alphabet backwards before I learned it forwards, I’ve run two marathons, I have a Journalism degree, I’ve lived in 5 countries, my first language was German.

If you could go back in time to a certain era, what would it be? Ooh. 70’s for the music and to see the movements that helped us get to the place we’re at in moving towards gender and racial equality. 80’s for the hair and pantsuits! Or maybe wayy back to see humans to when they were discovering fire or tools or the evolution of language, and to see the environment- especially the oceans and forests- when they were healthier and free of all that’s threatening their existence right now.

Have there been any obstacles that you have had to overcome that you are proud of coming through?

I had a head injury for a year and had to lie in the dark for weeks and had gaps in my memory and couldn’t play an instrument- awful things like that. It forced me to stop, reset, and just exist in my body and not take any moment for granted. I learned to love silence. I think choosing an artistic career inevitably means a life full of obstacles- financial, emotional, practical, spiritual- but I also think if you’re crazy enough to do it it is one of the most fulfilling things.

The Journey Has Just Begun

Tune out the bullshit. Focus on what you love doing. Protect your creativity. Try to limit social media, especially when you can feel like your creative voice needs protecting. Seek inspiration of all sorts. Take advice from wise people you trust but trust yourself first. Follow your instinct and chase after what feels innately right for you. In 10 years, I hope I’ll be creating things that inspire me and living a life that feels meaningful and makes the world better for more than just myself. I’d like to be having fun, being present in whatever moment I’m in. Definitely writing, singing, pursuing balance and health. I’d love to be near an ocean and creating things that inspire me.

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