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Australian Born & LA Based

Ella Weisskamp is known for her modeling, but what you might not know is that she loves being the one behind the camera, too.


"The most memorable spot would have to be Silver Lake as well as Downtown LA. “As long as there’s a camera in my hand I’m thrilled to shoot whatever falls right in front of me.

My mind is always racing with ideas, but my number one inspiration is William Eggleston.

The soundtrack to my life would have to be any Jeff Buckley song"

Your Style?

"Comfortable. I go for many pastel toned colors, nothing too vivid or bright. Style wise, I like to keep it minimal and easy on the eyes so you have more room to dress up the rest of your outfit."


"Good food, good company, clear blue skies, and a journal to write in."


"Land the cover of Vogue, travel the world, & buy a house in my 20's"

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