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Inspiring Others One Vlog at a Time

Frances believes in the power of self-love to help achieve a healthy body and mind

The First Step

I always knew that I wanted to find an outlet that would allow me to be open about my life since I was really young. When I was in middle + high school, I always had such a strong connection to all the motivational speakers that would come to the schools as guest speakers. I instantly understood the impact they had on everyone in the room. Just their words would be able to move people to tears and experience a total shift in thinking. I always knew I wanted to make that kind of impact on people. I wanted to inspire people to want to be the best versions of themselves. I started making YouTube videos when I was in 8th grade. I actually have a video on my channel reacting to some of the oldest videos I have ever made on YouTube! I was really inspired by the YouTuber Mitchell Davis - He was relatable and incredibly artistic and I feel like he really was the reason why I started YouTube!

Inspired By:

I get a lot of my inspiration from the people i’m surrounded by for sure - I have more friends now who are vegan and they inspire me all the time. I really admire my favorite vegan restaurants because they get so creative with plant based ingredients - vegan restaurants like Crossroads, Little Pine, and Gracias Madre continue to blow my mind and inspire me because they make veganism so exciting and fun for everybody. Vegan restaurants are all inclusive - you don’t even have to be vegan to enjoy the food at these establishments! Trying new vegan food from vegan restaurants keeps things really exciting for me. My most watched video is about veganism - specifically my one year update. People are so fascinated with vegan related content on YouTube. Personally, I love making videos tailored to mental health and motivational type videos the best because everything I say always comes from the heart. I want my viewers to feel like we're having a girls night, or that they're spending time with a trusted friend.

Frances' Mood Board

Facts and Favorites

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: I hope to have traveled to a bunch of new places. I’ve always wanted to see Japan, London, Milan, Paris, Italy, Poland.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini! The best sign. ;-)

What would someone be surprised to know about you?: Nobody can ever guess my background. I’m Italian, Polish, Irish and Mexican! I’m a mutt.

Favorite Food: Oh man….. Probably bread. I also really love curry.

Recently i’ve been focusing on being kinder to myself and changing up my thought patterns. When I start to pick up on a negative thought pattern i’m having in real time, I have been trying to affirm myself out loud. I remind myself that I have a big heart - I am genuine, loyal and thoughtful; I truly believe that and the people that are close to me in my life know that as well. One of the biggest obstacles in regards to my modeling is rejection for sure. I’m so used to it now I don’t take anything personally whatsoever. In the beginning though, it was really tough on my self esteem. I was rejected by 8 agencies when I first moved to Los Angeles - one of the agencies I met with actually told me that I should reconsider modeling all together and maybe try something else which really upset me. I would think that there was something wrong with me and it was just a very toxic mental space to be in. I’ve gained a lot more self confidence through self love since then and I definitely think that has helped me a lot. I would rather work with a strong team that loves me and values me any day!

Tips & Pointers:

I always hear about people that want to start making content on YouTube, but they aren’t sure what to talk about and they don’t have the best camera or lighting equipment. I always tell people not to over-complicate things or to overthink. You don’t need a $5K camera and every kind of softbox to create quality content. You just have to focus on your core message. I make all different types of videos. Beauty, storytime videos, GRWM, modeling videos, motivational videos, mental health and self love related videos. My message in every video boils down to self love, confidence, and being your own cheerleader and biggest supporter.

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