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Model Next Door

Gabbriette is a model who puts an emphasis on effortlessly cool and moves to her own beat when she dances

The Right Fit

I started dancing when I was a kid but hated it until I found a new love for it when I was 15. I began modeling after high school ended, I was doing small work then without representation.

I loved watching ballet before I started dancing so that was the first style I tried. I'm happy I had the professional training but I didn't feel like I was dancing-- I felt like a robot. I think that's what shaped my way of dance... I love finding new ways to use certain parts of my body.

Rising Above

I have encountered a number of obstacles since I've started modeling...being called short, fat, etc. I was pretty upset about it when I first started but now I don't really give a fuck because even models who are 5'11 and stunning are told these things.

Facts and Favorites

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Favorite Food: “Hmm.. Probably Japanese”

Current music playlist: “Changes so often, but I’ve been listening to a lot of jazz”

Time Travel: “I’d have to pick between the 60’s - early 90’s because of the fashion and music.”

After trying every sport in the book I realized I loved dance! I watched videos of Maria Kochetkova and Misty Copeland when I was 14 or so and it made me want to give it another shot.

& Finally,

Dance has made me appreciate movement and how extraordinary our bodies are. We really can do anything we want. So-- Be nice, drink water, don't compare yourself to ANYONE, and stay busy with personal projects if no other work is popping up!

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