With a Paintbrush in One Hand...

...and her heart in the other-- Gia Ram creates stunning paintings inspired by women from around the world.

More Than a Hobby

It all started naturally when I was a child - I couldn’t see my life without it & I still can’t. It kinda became my way of speaking. I got in to art school and it became part of my everyday life. It was always my wish for art to be more than just a hobby! But I did not have the courage and self confidence in it till my husband told me you either do it now or you will regret it for the rest of your life for not giving it a try. So 3-4 years ago I gave it a try. He believed in me & what I was doing & apparently all I needed was to believe in myself.

My Inspiration

Women! All around the world! It might sound lame, but I literally get my daily inspiration each morning on instagram. I just want all women to love themselves more and others all around! We could really change the world if we did not lose the hope in ourselves so easily. A woman who is not afraid be who she is in this world - is my main inspiration. The artist who inspires me the most is Mark Rothko - my all time favourite artist! For the ability to make you feel so much trough so little. To make a difficult piece look so easy. His art literally talks to people - that’s what I wish to learn. To make my paintings speak without words


Facts and Favorites

What is your next step in your career? Well I wish at the moment to do a small exhibition in L.A. So I’m trying to work hard on it to reach this goal by next year. Fingers crossed

Favorite food? Omg I’m a food addict- I love everything. My biggest sin is probably chocolate… i eat way too much of it. & all other creamy, sugary stuff. I’m so bad at it :D

What would someone be surprised to know about you? I have social phobia. I literally get anxiety each time i have to speak to someone. This is the reason I don’t speak at the openings of my exhibitions- it gives me panic attacks. I manage to hide that pretty well I think :D

If you could go back in time to a certain era, what would it be? Ancient Egypt times when women ruled the world and were equal to men :) so many things we still dont know about those times! I’m literally addicted to it

Have there been any obstacles you have had to overcome while pursuing your art?

Yes! I had to learn Love my self and love my art! Stop judging it and just let it go. Stop being afraid & just do what I love most - the biggest trouble of us all is fear! But it’s just your imagination- it’s only in your head. The only person standing in your way - is You. Once you learn to love yourself and others around you the first steps becomes easy.

Last But Not Least

Never lose yourself! Believe in what you are doing - and don’t let anyone stop you. World is full of different unique people with different taste - if someone doesn't like what you are doing- it doesn’t mean you are wrong.

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