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A Bit of Hope

With her second book debut, Hope Alcocer is back to share more about her experience being a young entrepreneur in NYC.

The Rising Action

I began writing when I was five years old. I was a very emotional, expressive child from a very young age and had a lot to say. My mom gave me my first journal when I was five and told me to write about whatever I was feeling. I’m sure back then it was just scribbles and nonsense, but I remember being instantly calmed down as I sat down and hunched over my “secret diary” and write about the “problems” a dramatic five year old like me had to deal with. From then on, I always kept a journal. I am someone whose emotional stressors manifest into physical ailments and issues very easily, and writing is a calming agent and therapy tool I use frequently. It turns out, I was kind of good at writing too. So when I had the opportunity to utilize this hobby and tool for professional purposes, I jumped on it and began writing blogs and website content for remote clients internationally right out of college. It, in time, became a full time thing and before I knew it I had to hire help just to get assignments done. It was then that my digital media career was born.

Inspired by Others

Ugh…so many to list! Danielle Cuomo, President & Founder of award-winning virtual assistant company VA USA, and Brittany Bailey PR (celebrity publicist). I’ve worked with both of these ladies before they were married with beautiful babies, and now I get to watch them run their own companies while being married with beautiful babies. I admired and adored both of them for the last several years, because they have shown me that you can truly have it all. You do not have to pick love or success, both can be had and yes, at the same time. It takes balance, delegation and a supportive partner. For awhile I was really hung up on those female entrepreneurs you see everywhere offering a webinar curriculum with the bright colors and the promise of a 6 figure income. And then I realized it’s all fluff and I didn’t sense any sort of authenticity. I’ve chosen to admire women who have been where I have been before, am now, and are also where I’d like to be. One of my chapters (16) is entitled “Get Yourself a Mentor” – highly recommend reading that one so you understand how important this is!

Hope's Mood Board

Facts and Favorites

What would someone be surprised to know about you? I was unable to drive for 3+ years due to debilitating migraines. I gave up gluten, and within a couple weeks my migraines were gone and I was able to get back on the road shortly thereafter.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully married with a couple of kids working out of my Instagram-worthy home office.

Zodiac Sign? Pisces

If you could be anyone for a week, who would it be? Chrissy Teigan!

A Written Connection:

A favorite author of mine is Rupi Kaur— her poetry is so comforting on my soul and heart. Fun fact about her: she was one of the first writers on my writing team for my magazine I had 2011-2013 called KHLOE! *Sniffs* *Quotes the “my baby’s all grown up and saving china” quote from Mulan*

Another favorite of mine is r.h. sin--- his words resonate so well with me and nearly any other woman I’ve ever shown his work to. My last really, really bad break up I stayed up for hours just reading all of his poetry. I think it helped me heal. Overall, writing has just strengthened my love for the written word—I’m in the music industry as well, so my love of writing just perpetuated my passion for music and studying the lyrics to my favorite songs.


Health has been the biggest obstacle I have had to overcome – I’ve had to fight for optimal health since I was little, so that’s presented a challenge from time to time. It’s also hard to achieve your hopes and dreams when there is this thing called money. I’ve had at least one side hustle since I was done with school. There’s always a new bill to pay or expense to incur, I’ve just accepted it’s part of having my dream lifestyle of living in a big city and doing all that I do. If you are looking to publish your own work, make sure you have the time and budget to do so. Once you release your book, you cannot just let it go and see what happens with it. It is constant promotion, public speaking, and talking about it. Take every opportunity you can that presents itself, and stay active on your socials. Personally, both books of mine are actually self-published! I had an offer to publish the first one, but I was apprehensive to let my project go and have another person dictate the story. It was very close to my heart and I wanted to tell my story the way it was intended.

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