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If you did not directly purchase women's clothing from, then we have no order and did not take payment.

We are a women's clothing business and there are unexpected fraudulent stores popping up that are operating using our trademark illegally. This includes our name showing up on bank statements, text messages and much more.

We don’t have a relationship with them to be able to stop them. The perpetrators have devised a system of quickly opening stores and closing them again once they have taken people’s money. As soon as they close one store, they open another clone of it on a new domain.

We are notifying Shopify’s Risk Department (the e-commerce platform these stores are built on). Shopify did close the website down but unfortunately, these companies keep opening new stores to rip-off more unsuspecting people.

Sadly, it seems you will never receive your order so your only recourse is to contact your credit/debit card provider or PayPal to file a chargeback/dispute.

We apologize for the inconvenience of this situation and are trying to quickly get our name removed from any other website that is not



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