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In 2016, Waymakers became the first affiliate of the ‘Our Projects’ program! We truly admire Waymakers' high value of human interaction and nurturing our next generation.  Waymakers is a non-profit organization that has provided shelter, meals, counseling, tutoring, and life-skill development to at-risk youth between the ages of 11-17. The past 3 years we have been lucky to not only provide financial aid, but to also get to know each of the kids and team members personally.

To the Beach!

Every year we put together a bonfire beach for Waymakers at Huntington Beach! Together, we conquered relay races, a water-balloon toss, tug of war, and toasted marshmallows. We always have the perfect sunset to provide the backdrop to the end of a great day.

How Can You Help?

Waymakers makes a difference for so many families and youths in the SoCal area. Whether redirecting youth offenders, helping sheltered children get back on track, unifying troubled families, resolving community conflicts or empowering victims of violence, Waymakers clears the path so clients can advance beyond crisis. If you want to contribute in person, Waymakers offers many volunteer opportunities. For more info about Waymakers, check out their website! If you would like to donate to ensure they can continue their incredible work, please click here.

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