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How to Style Joggers


Have you ever found yourself looking for ways to style joggers, well, you’re in luck!

Joggers are a type of sweatpant which are considerably dressier, and undeniably more chic than more traditional sweatpants. 

Now, joggers are not just an essential item of loungewear, they are also the cornerstone of many fashionable looks. Gone are the days where you’d avoid going to the store in your sweatpants, nowadays if you have the right joggers, you had better flaunt them. 

Getting the best look out of your joggers is very easy. They offer a high degree of versatility and are very easy to dress up and make very stylish. If you have a few pairs of joggers that you want to make sure that you are getting the very best of, here are some fantastic ways of dressing them up along with some great tips about how to wear and what to wear with joggers so that you look a million dollars in them. 

Layer Up Around Your Joggers

Adding lots of different layers around your joggers can help to create a dressed-down look that is both comfortable and stylish. Think about wearing button-down shirts with sweaters, cardigans, scarves, and jackets. The more layers that you can couple with your joggers, the better. 

These extra layers will work especially well if they are different natural fabrics and materials. So think about mixing cotton, wool, and silk to create a variety of tones and textures in your outfit. 

Pair Your Joggers With Heels

A surprising classy look can be achieved if you wear a pair of heels along with your joggers. Wearing heels naturally changes the way that you stand and hold yourself. It gives your entire body an air of sophistication as your posture will naturally improve. The shape of your body will look completely different too.

So when it comes to wearing joggers with a pair of heels, you will straight away have a whole different look right there. There will be no natural slouch that you may associate the dressed down vibes that the sweat pants give you. Instead, the joggers will sit on your well-postured body and look a million times better. 

Get your best heels out and try wearing them with some joggers right now and see how good you look. 

Wear Boots With Your Joggers

Okay, so high heels are not everybody’s cup of tea. Wearing boots with your joggers can add a whole different feel to them again. Suddenly your joggers will become more rugged and sturdier. You’ll have a bit more swagger about your look. 

Wear Sneakers With Your Joggers


Picking the right shoes can be hard, and maybe you are at your happiest in a pair of sneakers. Whether your style is a fashionable running shoe, baseball shoes, or even skater shoes, wearing a pair of sneakers with your joggers is a classic pairing. 

You don’t even need to question if your joggers will go with a pair of sneakers, they just will. 

Glam Up Your Hair Or Makeup

If you are planning on dressing down with a pair of simple joggers, but you still want to make sure that you can turn every head that passes you, why not devote some time and attention to your hair and makeup. 

Putting effort into making sure you look as glamorous as possible will show the world that you look beautiful whatever you are wearing. Whether you are dressed for a night in front of your favorite Netflix box set, or you are ready to be wined and dined and are dressed to impress, pairing a dressed-down look with stunning hair and makeup really does make a very long-lasting impression that nobody is likely to forget. 

Wear Your Joggers With All Of Your Jewelry

Joggers are pretty much straight forward. They are simple in their design, and generally not at all glamourous.

Of course, you can still bring the glamour, even when you are dressed down. Wearing all of your best jewelry will make you really stand out. Everything will shine more against the simple clothes that you are wearing, and the combination of high and low fashion will really look like you are making a statement. 

Imagine Your Joggers Are Jeans

Just like any pair of jeans, your joggers can be worn in the exact same way. Think about the types of clothes that you would pair with denim jeans, and then try them with your joggers instead. 

Think about crop tops, T-shirts, or strappy tops and vests, and then consider layering any of these with unbuttoned shirts. Think about going with patterned shirts, such as a checked look. 

You’ll be giving it a dressed down grunge vibe while still looking amazing.

Go With One Single Color

Dressing from head to foot in a single color may either seem very dull to you or a brave move that you may be fearful of trying. But you really should try it. 

Wearing the same color all over, such as black, creates a completely different look. It allows your facial features and your hair to really stand out. The look becomes less about the outfit and more about you as a person. 

With A Plain White Tee

Pairing joggers with a simple, plain white tee will provide a classic and timeless look that is undeniably effective. This unfussy look really is the least complex outfit you could choose. It says to the world that you can still look great without needing to spend hours on your look. That means that you can get on with what you enjoy and not have to worry about the fuss.

Wear Your Best Coat

Wearing your joggers with a high glamour fashion item such as a well designed and well-made coat will create a real stand-out look. Whether you are on your way to work, or off to chill out somewhere on a Friday evening, wearing your finest coat with a pair of joggers helps to dress up your more comfortable wardrobe option.

Go With An Alternative Look Or Fabric

Joggers can be found in several different fabrics. Generally, they are softer fabrics such as cotton or wool-based mixes, sometimes there will be something else in there that gives them a little bit of elasticity. 

There are, however, plenty of other types of joggers out on the market. Some joggers are made of completely unique fabric choices that really take them to a completely different place. 

Then there are alternative style choices and colors that really stand out. Shiny gold joggers with a space-age vibe to them, or two-tone joggers which look completely out there. 

If you want to take your jogger look to the next level, then you need to look for a choice of styles that will really stand out and look completely fresh.

Wear Fitted Joggers Rather Than Baggy

If you are worried about your joggers looking a bit too shabby or dressed down, one of the best ways to look great while you are wearing them is to get a pair of fitted joggers. 

Fitted joggers will make the best use out of your natural features by clinging tight to your body. They’ll be all about you and your own shape and will look great.

Pair Your Joggers With Something Glamorous

If you have that one glamorous top that you love to wear out on a night out or that amazing high-fashion designer handbag that you always keep meaning to find an occasion to use, then why not dress these items up with your joggers. 

There are no rules, and if you want to wear your most expensive item of clothing with your most basic, then you go do it. 

Wear Black Joggers With Bright Clothes

If you have a top in a bright and wacky color that you can’t work out what to do with, pair it up with a pair of simple black joggers. By doing this, you will be able to make it really stand out. Having the bold against the black will mean that there is no danger of the two items of clothing clashing with each other, and your top will really do what it was put on this earth to do, and that is to shine. 

Denim Jacket With Army Colored Joggers

Going for an army colored jogger is a great style move. It has a strong look that is something that is always in style. By pairing your army-colored joggers with a denim jacket, you’ll create a strong look. You can add a shirt under this, or go with a simple, straightforward vest top. 

Printed Joggers

There are plenty of high-fashion jogger choices out there, with printed joggers being a strong style choice. 

Wear joggers that have a strong image on the leg along with a plain colored top, shirt, or T-shirt so that the design on the side of the jogger really stands out.