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What Shoes To Wear With Rompers

What Shoes To Wear With Rompers


There’s much to love about the basic romper, a clothing staple. You can use it to put together just about any outfit and be totally confident that you’ll look great.

Rompers are so versatile, it’s no wonder they’ve been popular for years with no signs of going out of style any time soon. — with many different styles available, you can use rompers to create a casual look or something a little more glitz and glamor ready for your next formal event. 

The romper will do the bulk of the work, but let’s not forget about those all-important shoes, which can have a big impact on the look and feel of any outfit. And, actually, that’s especially the case with rompers since your shoes will be more “on display” than with other outfits.

If you’re looking for the perfect shoe for your romper, then you’re in luck: there isn’t just one perfect shoe, but many. It all depends on the type of look you’re going for. In this blog, we’ll run through the many shoe types you can pair with a romper, all of which offer different styles. Ready? Let’s go. 

Ankle Boots

As we said at the beginning of the article: part of the charm of the romper is that they really are a wonderfully versatile item of clothing. You can wear them for a wide range of events and occasions and also at various points throughout the year.

Rompers have become the go-to option during the transitional periods of the year when the weather is too cold for summer threads yet too warm for layers.

And that means that they can pair with another clothing item that comes into its own during these periods: the ankle boot! If you’ve got a utility romper, then dig out your leather ankle boots from your wardrobe. Perforated-style ankle boots can also look great with a romper during the spring months.  

Flat Sandals

What Shoes To Wear With Rompers


Looking for something a little more casual, a little less bold? There are plenty of times when you just want your outfit to be functional and cute, not show-stopping. In that event, take a look at flat sandals. They’re the perfect shoes when you want to wear one of your cute rompers but don’t want to go through all the busy work of getting totally dressed up.

They’re especially recommended during the warm weather months when the objective is very much to be covered in as little material as possible.

Plus, though this is a casual style, it’s also one that looks great — making it perfect for those lazy summer afternoons on the terrace of a bar or at a BBQ. Looking good, feeling good, having fun — you really can’t ask for much more than that. 

Cowboy Boots

What Shoes To Wear With Rompers


Cowboy boots exist on the other end of the spectrum; flat sandals, these are not. It’s one of the boldest shoe styles out there, and with good reason — do you ever walk past someone wearing knee high boots and not notice their footwear? 

Add cowboy boots and a few well-placed accessories to your romper outfit, and you’ll have an outfit that’s edgy, bohemian, and all-out gorgeous. The look works especially well when you combine black cowboy boots with a black or red romper.

All you’ll need is some gold hoop statement earrings and the finest clutch bag in your wardrobe, and you’ll be on your way toward turning heads with your romper.

If you’re looking to go all out with the cowboy look, then wear your boots with a white romper and a denim jacket. And if that’s still not enough, look at adding a cowboy hat.

It’s a stylish outfit that just screams fun; perfect for a night on the town!

High Heels

High heels need no introduction. If there’s a more impactful shoe type than virtually everyone has in their wardrobe, then we don’t know what it is. High heels are a form of magic in that they can help to turn any outfit into one that’s ready for a stylish night of fun, whether you’re hitting a restaurant, bar, or club.

You can wear heels with a romper and look great — after all, all heels can be stylish — but if you’re looking to give your outfit an extra dose of razzmatazz, then compliment the color of the heels with the color of the romper. Bright heels can look bold when paired with a black romper, for instance, and work well for a more formal event that requires heels.


Wedge Sandals

Wedge sandals do not, in our opinion, always get as much love and respect as they deserve. It’s true that they’re not as versatile as other shoe options, sure, but the outfits that do work with the shoes can really pop. They make our list of best shoes.

And when it comes to romper outfits, that’s just what you’ll find. You can pair the two together to create an elegant and sophisticated look. The subtle additional height the heels give will provide a confident aesthetic if there ever was one.

So what’s the perfect occasion for wearing wedge sandals and a romper? We’re thinking about the height of summer. The sun is shining. There’s a breeze in the air. And you’re going for after work cocktails in a gorgeous outdoor venue. Casual wear to the max.

You won’t just look the part; you’ll actively contribute to the ambiance of the occasion. Casual cool all the way, baby. 

Flip Flops

What Shoes To Wear With Rompers


If you live in a hot environment, then you’ll likely spend the summer months wearing flip flops — or at least wish you were wearing flip flops every day. While there’s so much to enjoy about the world’s most casual, summer-friendly footwear, it’s also true that it can sometimes be difficult to put together a banging outfit that includes them. 

The romper offers the perfect balance between style and convenience. It's a casual vibe.

They’re easy to take on and off and help to keep you cool, so there’s one part of the equation taken care of — the other half, the style, is all in the hands of the romper.

Try it, and your life will be changed, we swear. 


What Shoes To Wear With Rompers

It’s always useful to have a good pair of loafers or Oxfords in the wardrobe. There are just so many outfits you can pair them with, and they provide a style that nothing else can; plus, they’re among the most comfortable shoes going. And when you pair it with a romper, you’ll have a look that screens chic and trendy, one that is perfect for casual office environments or the trendiest districts in London, New York, and LA.

It’s best to play around with the style — for instance, try the romper look with high socks, ankle socks, or no socks at all.

In general, it’s best to match colors, but an offset black romper with white Oxfords look can also pop pretty hard. You can also take it easy with accessories and jewelry — the shoes will provide all the details, and be the star of the show!

Combat Boots

The magic of combat boots is that they always look pretty badass and bold, but they’re also remarkably versatile. There really aren’t too many outfits that you can’t wear combat boots with!

And the best part? It is that they always provide an edgy, no-nonsense look, whatever romper you have.

If you’re looking for something a little more casual but still very much on-point, then consider pairing tan/white combat boots with a bohemian-style romper.

It’ll still turn heads, but the outfit will announce its presence in more hushed tones. 


Slides are everywhere these days, and that’s just fine with us — they’re comfortable, they look good, and they’re super, super casual. If you live in a moderate climate, then consider yourself lucky that you get to wear them all year round.

You can wear your everyday slides with a romper when you’re out and about town, taking care of business.

If you’re looking to wear your romper with slides during the evening, then look at investing in leather slides. They’re just about the right level of formality you need to be stylish yet comfortable. 

Everyday Sneakers

Sometimes, you’ll want to turn heads. At other times, you’re just trying to hit the supermarket while also looking good. You can pair sneakers with your romper to create a dress-down aesthetic.

If you can pair them well, then your black or white sneakers will still let the romper do the doing, but ensure that the look is still laid back and relaxed. Plus, your comfort levels will be at their max. 

Minimal Sandals

What Shoes To Wear With Rompers


Those summer months are made for showing off your gorgeous legs! Minimal sandals will help you to show off as much of them as possible. To really add to the look, match your minimal sandals with your skin tone. It’ll look like your legs never end. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it!

Whether you’re wearing your romper for dressier occasions or looking to keep things casual, you’ll find that there’s always a shoe type that will provide the desired effect with the right romper.

Indeed, there are so many shoes you can wear with a romper that, in truth, we could have made this list twice as long.

If you’ve got a great pair of shoes in your wardrobe, it’s worthwhile trying them on with your romper. You might just stumble upon a great look!