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How to Style a Hoodie

A hooded sweatshirt is a great addition to any wardrobe, but if you want  to wear it with pizazz, then you’ll need to know how to style it. Luckily, there are plenty of different styles available, which ensures that you can always incorporate your hooded sweatshirt into your outfits when the cold weather -- or those chilly summer evenings -- strikes.

And let’s be real: everyone owns at least one hoodie. It’s a staple of everyday life, the go-to option for staying warm. But the benefits of a pullover hoodie stretch far beyond their warm credentials. They’re also super comfy, and if you have some style tips in your locker, then they’ll also greatly enhance your look.

Ready to wear your hoodie with confidence? Let’s dive into everything women need to know to style a hoodie.


First Thing’s First: Have Fun With It

How to Style a Hoodie

There’s no one way that you should wear your hoodie. It’s a versatile item of clothing that is handy during bad weather and awesome when you want to rock a street style or go for that casual look, or, as we’ll see, rock something else completely.

Part of the fun of the hoodie comes from its laidback history; it was originally designed to keep athletes’ ears warm before gaining popularity on the streets. Today, you’ll find hoodies incorporated into a wide range of styles. The versatility means that you can’t really go wrong with how you choose to style it!

But if you’re looking for some inspiration, check out some of our ideas below. 


Hyper Relaxed

Looking for a style that’s cool yet ultra comfy? Then the hyper relaxed approach is the way to go! All you need to do is take your high-quality hoodie and pair it with some relaxed pants, such as sweatpants. This is a classic combo that you can wear anywhere that’s informal.

It’s the perfect solution for a relaxed day at the office, a shopping trip around town, or even a date. It’s an outfit that’s warm and cool, and for that reason, one of the best ways how to style a hoodie. 


Warm and Cool

How to style a hoodie in a way that’s both good for the colder months and looks cool, we hear you ask? Then you could look at pairing your hoodie with a leather jacket. This look strikes the perfect balance between stylish and casual.

For the best effect, it’s best to match the colors of both the leather jacket and the hoodie to keep the look monochromatic while playing with textures. 

If there’s no leather jacket in your wardrobe, or you’re looking to just take this style in another direction, then you could wear a denim jacket over your hoodie. Denim jackets will give you a bit more of an edgy, street energy -- and you’ll feel lovely and warm when the winter winds pick up, too.

A bomber jacket will work, too, and it will add another level of style. The best part about this tip is that it is totally customizable to whatever you feel fits your personal sense of styling. 


Wearing A Hoodie With Shorts

How to Style a Hoodie

We tend to wear hoodies in winter when those layers are more important. However, that doesn’t mean that your hoodie has to be left behind during the summer months.

The weather might generally be warm, but there’ll be the occasional slightly cooler days when it can pay to have an extra layer on you. In that scenario, you could opt for a hooded sweatshirt with shorts. It’s not the most common way to wear a hoodie, sure, but if you can pull it off, then you’ll have a great look. 

The trick is to keep the colors of both the hoodie or zip-up hoodie and shorts as neutral as possible. You can pair it with some white sneakers and some trendy shades to complete the look. Tie it around your waist or shoulders during the day, and pop on if you need it as the cool night comes around. 


With An Overcoat

An overcoat is a must-have wardrobe item, especially if you live in a place that receives brutally chilly winters. And, of course, there are plenty of ways to style a big, wool overcoat, including with a hoodie or zip-up hoodie.

We like this style because it takes the casual hoodie and incorporates it into a look that’s more stylish and sophisticated.

When you’re running to the store, a jacket and hoodie combo will be the way to go.

When you’re going out for the day and maybe swinging by some places that serve cocktails, then an overcoat plus your hoodie will ensure that you look the part wherever you go.

You’ll want to wear the outfit with some leather combat boots, loafers, or polished sneakers to really complete the look of street style meets sophistication. 


With High-Quality Leggings

Black leggings: the style staple that everyone has in their dresser. After all, there are so many outfits that they work well with.

And if you have an oversized hoodie, then you’ll have the perfect, easy to wear, comfortable outfit that’s ideal for whatever your day has in store. Whether you’re running errands, grabbing coffee, going to a workout class, or road tripping, it’s the perfect outfit to be comfortable on so many levels. 

For this look, an oversized hoodie helps to offset the tighter silhouette of leggings, making it comfortable and visually balanced. 


Pair With a Skirt 

Looking for a look that’s a little more quirky and bold? Then look at pairing your hoodie with a skirt. And not just any skirt. If you want to make a splash, then consider a floral print skirt.

There’s been something of a floral revival in recent times, so why not engage in a bit of a fashion crossover and pair your gray hooded sweatshirt with a floral print skirt?

It’s a good look because it matches the casual street style with something that’s a bit more feminine and girly.

Play around with tucking the hoodie into the skirt to add some shape and dimension, or leave it untucked for a super casual, cool girl look.


Classic Hoodie and Jeans Look

How to Style a Hoodie

Is there a more classic look than a hoodie and jeans outfit? We don’t think so. This is the totally a style standard that you can make your own and use as a source of inspiration for other looks.

Because this is such a classic look, you’ll want to put your own personal styling spin on it so you’re sure to stand out. There are ways to ensure that your outfit remains interesting and that you stand out from the crowd. The main thing is probably the fit: it’ll look much better if both the jeans and hoodie are slim-fitting.

And with this outfit, it’s best to look at accessories. You can add accessories to most of the outfits that we’ve mentioned on this page, but it’s probably most important with this combo since there isn’t a whole bunch going on.

A statement necklace will make the outfit shine. If you want, you can add a denim jacket to incorporate some layering. 


Flannel Shirts

We’ve talked about wearing a jacket over the hoodie. But that’s not the only item that you can wear on top of your hooded sweatshirt.

What about a shirt? This will work best if it's an oversized shirt since you’ll need to wear it over your baggy hoodie without it feeling tight. A flannel shirt can work quite well and add another layer of warmth.


Ready for Work 

If you’re someone who loves hoodies, then you’ll want to wear them as often as possible, especially during the chillier months.

The problem is that because this look is so casual, there are often times when you can’t wear your hoodie.

The solution? Make your outfit slightly more formal. And a great way to do that is to pair your hoodie with a blazer. Just like that, you’ll be ready to head to work in style!

You can ensure that the look is professional by buying menswear pants or tailored trousers and adding some classy heels. It’s the professional fashionista look, and we have to say, it’s pretty perfect. 


Streetwear Energy

How to Style a Hoodie

Is there a garment more associated with streetwear than the hoodie? We don’t think so. If the streets hadn’t adopted the hoodie, it’d be nowhere near as famous as it is now.

The best way to take your hoodie outfit back to its roots is to invest in a bomber jacket or oversized jacket. The look will be best if it’s a black hoodie, but gray can also work.

And if you’re looking for accessories to match this outfit, then you really can’t go wrong with a beanie hat. That’ll ensure that your style is streetwear through and through and will, of course, add some extra warmth. 



And there we have it! As we’ve seen, there are plenty of ways to wear a hoodie.

The only question we have left: is there anything that the hoodie can’t do? From the hoodie unzipped look to an oversized hoodie, it might just be the most versatile item of clothing in your wardrobe.

Our final tip is to look at investing in various styles of hoodie: the pullover hoodie is classic, but a zip-up hoodie can also be worth its weight in gold.

The majority of the styles we’ve outlined above will work nicely with zip-up hoodies, too.

Above all, be sure to simply have fun -- the hoodie doesn’t take itself so seriously, so neither should you!