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Best Summer Shirts in 2021 for Women

Best Summer Shirts in 2021 for Women


So, you have been looking for items that can help you complete that fresh, fun, and comfy summer look - but you don’t want to fall for the trap that fast fashion is today. Luckily, you no longer have to compromise between the two. 

Over the last few years, consumers have become increasingly aware of the impact of fast fashion on the environment - and they have started to prefer timeless items that can be repurposed over time. In turn, fashion houses, international brands, and manufacturers have responded to this rising trend. 

And, this summer is no exception: among the best summer shirts in 2021 for women, you will find timeless items. These merge natural, fresh, and sustainable materials with the charm of vintage styles, which hardly ever fall out of fashion. 

At Project Social T, it has been our mission since our foundation in 2011 to create shirts that are sustainable, organic, long-lasting, versatile, and utterly timeless. Here are the ones you should not miss out on in 2021. 


Wider and Oversized Tops

Best Summer Shirts in 2021 for Women

It might be because after so many months spent indoors wearing sweatshirts and joggers we are no longer used to tight clothing - or it might be because this staycation-ready summer calls for comfy outfits. Either way, wider, looser, and oversized clothing are the king of the 2021 summer closet. 

From slouchy coats to oversized denim and loose-fit jumpers, there are plenty of options to rock this style. And, shirts and tops are no exception! When styled correctly, oversized shirts can add a chic touch to any outfit. While wearing oversized tees and shirts is undoubtedly a fashion choice, it is also a smart one - after all, who would want to deal with tight-fitting, skinny tops in one of the century's hottest summers?! 

From the Wearever Tee to the Ari Grinded Tunic Tee, you will find plenty of relaxed-fit staples in the summer 2021 Project Social T collection.


Back To Basics 

It won’t take you long to find out that pinks - all shades of pinks, but preferably electric tones - are ruling over the spring and summer fashion trends this year. However, bright pinks might not be the color of choice for many people. Luckily, this year’s bright palette is accompanied by another one - one of the pastel tones, nature-inspired shades, and earthy, natural colors. 

So, with the right shirt, you can combine beiges, light browns, and herbal tones with bright yellows, pinks, and greens. In this rainbow, there is one shirt color that should not miss in your closet: white. White t-shirts, off-the-shoulder tops, and fun tees are part of this summer’s essentials - and they can truly be worn anywhere!


Graphic Tees 

From designer t-shirts to closet staples, it won't take you long to realize that graphic tees are all the rage this year. When properly styled, the right graphic t-shirt can become a statement, a fun detail, or the centerpiece of the whole outfit.

At Project Social T, the collection dedicated to graphic tees is the most successful on - and for a reason. When accompanied with a modern fit and high-quality materials, the right graphic can start a conversation! From quote graphics to complex designs and sarcastic skeleton doodles, each of our graphic t-shirts is also kept in line with this year’s hottest trends. So, you will find relaxed-fits, basic colors, and pink-and-yellow accents. 


Vintage Graphic Tops

Today’s graphic tees are eye-catching, but vintage graphic shirts are something else! Following the famous 90s fashion trends, vintage graphics are back - with the same charm that made them one of the most loved accessories in anyone’s closet. 

From the unique Malibu Tennis Sweatshirt to keep you warm on a chilly summer evening to the unique San Francisco 1967 Tee, these shirts are not special for their graphic - but they also offer a charming relaxed fit and iconic crew necklines - perfect to pair with oversized denim!


Textured Tees

One of the most important trends of summer women's shirts this year is the use of textured fabrics. Just like in the case of our unique The Original Textured V tee, loose fits, semi-sheer fabrics, and an elegant, clean style have made textured tees a must-have summer accessory. With black trousers and high heels, these simple but magical shirts are perfect for a classy, exclusive event. When tucked into your high-rise or boyfriend jeans, they are perfect for everyday wearing. Get the style that suits you best today!


Drawstring T-Shirts

Best Summer Shirts in 2021 for Women

Do oversized tops and relax-fit shirts mean that we have to give up on showing the curves we are the proudest of? Certainly not - but with the right details. It is not by chance that summer 2021’s oversize clothing is accompanied by nothing less than drawstrings and ties. 

These details can be added anywhere: you can find drapey tops that accentuate the shoulders with drawstrings on the upper part of the sleeves. Or, with the right ties, you can bring back to the surface the waistline without having to leave behind the comfort of relaxed-fit clothing. Last but not least, adjustable drawstrings on each side of the waist and torso can make any top unique and versatile. 


Midriff Flossing

Midriff flossing is not just a 2021 trend. Started in 2020, this risky summer trend has taken over the international fashion landscape. Today, you can find bikinis, tops, trousers, dresses, and more with the midriff flossing ties enveloping the waist. 

Thanks to the clever design, this type of clothing is ideal to enhance the beauty of your waistline while also adding a special detail to an otherwise standard top. Midriff flossing comes in many shapes and forms, and you are bound to find the right item for your needs. However, if you are not fully on board with this trend, you will love a third, hybrid option, such as the Odie Tie Back Tee.


Muscle T-Shirts

Muscle t-shirts are not your standard tank tops or sleeveless tees. Featuring a crew neckline, wider shoulder straps, and low-cut armholes, muscle t-shirts are iconic, old-school shirts that have made a huge comeback. Worn in gyms as part of activewear outfits for decades, these tops are not part of the high streets just as much. Whether you are combining them with high-rise denim or shorts, these tees are perfect for any occasion.


Embroidered Shirts

If you look back at old photos of yourself, you are likely to see yourself dressed in tops and dresses featuring embroidery patterns and designs. Once created by grandmothers and aunties over the course of a whole winter season, embroidery designs can be the difference between a dull, standard shirt and a unique, one-of-a-kind item. 

Today, you no longer need to ask your grandmother to put in hours of work to get the same effect, but finding the right embroidered shirt can be challenging. Floreal and ethnic patterns are always a safe bet, but you can also experiment with more complex, unique designs. 


Tourist and Band T-Shirts

Best Summer Shirts in 2021 for Women

All you need to do to find the right clothing item to complete your summer 2021 look is to have a look in your old souvenirs. You might have never been a fan of tourist t-shirts, but this year they are no longer souvenirs to be forgotten, they are one of the best accessories to add to your look. Whether you’ve collected your shirt in Paris, New York, London, Rome, Venice, or Rio, there are plenty of ways to style your shirt.

The same goes for band t-shirts. Have you been to a concert and come home with Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rolling Stones, Beyonce, or Katy Perry merchandise? This is the right time to show it off! Paired with plain trousers or denim, these tops are conversation-starters and a must-have accessory!


Polo Shirts

There is nothing classier than a Polo shirt. A shirt with a sober collar and just a few buttons can turn any outfit into the right look for any summer event. From picnics to shopping trips, days out, and BBQs, a Polo is both a casual and elegant shirt that can take your look to the next level. 

And, to keep in line with this summer’s hottest trends, don’t forget to opt for a pink polo - or even a cropped one!


Statement Cut-Out Shirts

Statement cut-outs on dresses, shirts, bikinis and even coats are not a new trend. After this trend’s debut in 2020, shirts with cutouts have become increasingly popular - and it’s not hard to see why! Cut-out tops can be oversized, relaxed, and plain-colored - but they’ll never be boring! 

Thanks to strategically-placed cut-outs, these tops can highlight and enhance certain body features. With the unique Amas Cutout Tee, for example, you can highlight the elegance of your collarbone and shoulders. However, with the right model, you can get your tee to show your shoulders, waist, back, neck, or decollete.


Cropped Tops

Best Summer Shirts in 2021 for Women

Cropped tops are certainly not a new addition to the best summer clothing items. They have been around for over two years, and they have become an all-year-round staple. However, don’t forget what makes this year’s summer trends unique: pastel colors, pink tones, oversized and relaxed fits, and polo-like style. You can pull all these details together and pick a cropped top that perfectly fits this season’s fashion requirements - and don’t forget to check out the cropped tops with a front twist!


Tank Tops and Sleeveless Tees

Tank tops and sleeveless tees are your best friend in summer - especially those with a low-cut armhole! You can wear these tops when heading to the beach, at a BBQ, or a pool party. Depending on the cut, your bra or biking will show from the sides, so don’t forget to pick a high-quality bralette or bikini top to complete your look - these are not details you should hide!


Lettuce Edge Tops

If you can think about the jagged edges of a lettuce leaf, you know what we are talking about. Lettuce edge tops might seem plain at first, but it is the unique edges of the leaves and bottom rim that make a difference. Highlighted by colorful or brighter seams, lettuce edges can give a unique, fresh look to a simple tee. Whether you are wearing them with high-rise or boyfriend jeans or you have opted to create a unique look with a flowy skirt and espadrilles, lettuce-edge tops are a great casual fashion item. 


Padded-Shoulder Tops And Shirts With Puffed Sleeves

If you occasionally read fashion magazines or follow fashion icons on social media, you will know that puffed sleeves and shoulder pads have made a comeback. They are everywhere: on jackets, blouses, coats, and sweatshirts. But what about t-shirts? As tees and shirts are among the most fashionable items out there, you won’t struggle to find puff and balloon sleeves on these items - and they can truly make them special!


Button-Down Tops

T-shirts and tanks seem to still carry a stigma for being not-so-elegant clothing items. However, a quick look at Project Social T’s Mackie Button Tank is all you need to change your mind! This sleek button-down tank is just as elegant as a shirt - with the right jacket and accessories, of course! However, the soft ribbed fabric and v-neckline are all you need to take a simple look to the next level - even if you don’t have the chance to get changed between an important Zoom call and an elegant dinner out. 


Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Nothing screams playfulness more than an off-the-shoulder top - and when is it better to wear it if not in the most fun-filled, carefree season of all? When coupled with flutter sleeves and soft fabrics, an off-the-shoulder cut can turn a bland top into a unique, summer-ready accessory. Whether you are thinking of pairing this top with flutter shorts for a beach day or with high-rise black jeans for an evening out with friends, the possibilities are endless. 


Tie-Dye Patterns

Best Summer Shirts in 2021 for Women

Tie-dye patterns come and go from the fashion scene, and they always bring something new to the latest trend. This year, they come in a more sober version, resembling pastel colors or the tones of the desert and other natural landscapes. Whether you are pairing a tie-dye shirt with a skirt or shorts of the same pattern or you wish to use it as the centerpiece of your otherwise plain outfit, there are plenty of ways to style colorful shirts. 


Natural Materials and Sustainability

In today’s era, the consumer is king. Fashion trends are born out of what the consumer opts for. And, in summer 2021, one of the most important factors for buyers is sustainability. Studies have shown that consumers are happy to pay more for products that align with their values, are ethically made, and come from a manufacturer that strives towards reducing the company’s environmental footprint. When looking for sustainable and ethically-made t-shirts, look at timeless designs, company information and mission, and natural materials. 


Bottom Line

A shirt can help you start a conversation, make a statement, and accentuate your favorite features. It does not come as a surprise that so many shirt types are part of the hottest summer trend this year! When selecting your style, learn about the best models for your desired look at Project Social T and make sure to pick a versatile, timeless look that will accompany you for years to come!