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How to Style an Oversized T Shirt

Oversized t-shirts have become more and more popular over the last few years. They offer the perfect blend of comfort and style, and you can wear them in so many different ways. 

If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas on how to style an oversized t-shirt, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll show you some of the best-oversized outfits and ways you can wear this item of clothing to get the most out of it. You’ll be amazed at how diverse these outfit ideas can be!

Off-shoulder comfort

This is the type of style you’re most likely to see from a member of the Kardashian clan as they pose on a weekend morning with a cup of coffee in bed. Wearing your oversized t-shirt off the shoulder is brilliant if you really want that cozy look. There’s a seductive element to it as well, so it’s one of the best things to wear on that morning after - or when you’re staying over at your partner’s house. Everything is nice and relaxed, and you can pair this with some underwear or shorts; the choice is yours. 

Oversized t-shirt nightie

Speaking of comfortable styles that are great in the bedroom, you can always wear your oversized t-shirt as a nightie. Make sure you get one that’s big enough for you - the perfect length is a few inches above your knees. Pick a plain tee or a graphic tee, and you’ve got a wonderful nightie that’s extremely airy and perfect for those hot and humid summer months. This is also something that’s quick and easy to throw on when you need to go downstairs to make breakfast or socialize with other members of your house. 

T-shirt dress

You love dresses, but you struggle to find some that fall under the casual category. Try as you might, most dresses just don’t seem to fit your style and look like you’re making too much effort. So, you can style your oversized t-shirt by turning it into a dress. Again, find one that’s the perfect length, and you can get bonus points if you accessorize it with a belt. 

Wrapping a belt around your waist will pull the fabric in and really accentuate the curves in your figure. You still get the oversize elements of the t-shirt as well, so it’s a brilliant option for a very casual dress to wear on a coffee date or to the park in the summer sun. 

Track pants/joggers combo

The very nature of an oversized top means it is designed to feel comfortable and loose. It’s not tight-fitted, meaning you can walk around and feel very free. If you style yours with a pair of track pants or joggers, you can really go all-in on the comfort side of things. It’s the perfect attire to wear if you’re going to university lectures, meeting friends for brunch, or just lounging around the home. 

The trick is to keep your oversized tee nice and long over your track pants. Try to pair some bright and bold colors together here as well. A yellow top with black bottoms really stands out well - get creative! 

Tucked into casual jeans

How to Style an Oversized T Shirt

There are so many things you can wear with an oversized t-shirt to really bring out a new style. Casual jeans go extremely well with this item of clothing. Match the colors together, then decide if you want to wear the tee loose or tucked in. 

Personally, tucked-in works a lot better if you’re trying to look stylish. It just makes things seem neater and more pronounced, highlighting your figure and letting the pants do a lot of the talking. The jeans are really the key element of this outfit; find an oversized t-shirt that accentuates the jeans and highlights all the best things about them. 

White tee with blue jeans

How to Style an Oversized T Shirt

You can never go wrong when pairing a white tee with some blue denim jeans. The color combination works perfectly, and it’s a great way to style your oversized top. Once more, tucking the t-shirt in is the way to go, and I think the whole look is made better with a graphic tee. 

Plain white t-shirts are, well, too plain! Get something with a nice logo or graphic on there to bring the outfit together. It will pair with the denim jeans perfectly, and you’ve got an amazing outfit that’s great for weekends or when you want something that’s casual but not too casual. 

Add some white sneakers to the outfit and you’ve completed the look!

The half-tucked look

Why tuck all of your oversized shirt in when you could only tuck half of it in?

The half-tucked look is another that gives off relaxed vibes and a sort of chaotic style. It works well when you tuck half of the tee into some jean shorts, leaving the other half hanging loose. You sort of look like you’re dressed for summer here and it’s another look that’s hugely comfortable. 


Tie it in a knot

This is one of the best ways you can wear an oversized shirt, and it’s one of the main reasons a lot of women actually buy them. 

Take your tee and tie it in a front knot at the bottom. Instantly, you’ve gone from an oversize tee that reaches your knees to a cropped top. It’s a simple way of accessorizing a big t-shirt in the warmer months, and it looks amazingly stylish to boot. You can make the knot as extreme or subtle as you like - it all comes down to personal preference. 

Wait, there’s more!

You don’t have to tie the top in a front knot. Instead, you could make one at the side or back. What’s great about this style tip is that it basically means you have many ways to wear the same shirt.


Wear it under dungarees

Dungarees don’t get as much credit as they deserve. For me, dungarees are an underrated item of clothing that can be worn in loads of different ways. One of these ways is to put them on over a big t-shirt. Your oversized shirt sits below them and gives you the perfect base layer for the outfit. 

Here, you really want to use a plain tee as it looks a lot better than one with designs all over it. After all, this is more of an accessory to the dungarees than anything else. Still, it’s another great way to style your t-shirts. 

Of course, denim overalls are a great substitute here too. Either way, this is an option that represents the pinnacle of comfy fashion.

Fold under your knot

Remember the idea a couple of points ago about tying your t-shirt in a not? 

Well, if you don’t want the knot to be exposed, this one trick will take care of that. Simply fold your oversized shirt back under it when you’ve tied it. The knot itself is hidden, while the fabric from your tee billows over it. You get this crop top look that’s a bit neater than having a knot and can be a little bit less playful - but equally as stylish. 

Loose tee with skinny jeans

Wearing your t-shirt nice and loose can look extremely stylish when you pair it with some skinny jeans. This is the sort of outfit you can wear just about anywhere, and it also works best when you use very dark colors. 

A black oversized shirt with black skinny jeans and some black boots will really create a look and a half. Try to get an oversized graphic tee with some sort of design on it as well, so the whole outfit doesn’t seem too plain. 

Oversized t-shirts & bike shorts

Now, this is a look that you can wear in loads of different situations. The comfort of the bike shorts means you can put this outfit together if you’re studying, running errands, or just going for a nice walk. But, it could also be a brilliant gym outfit if you fancy covering your upper body up a bit more. 

You can wear the tee loose and flowing if you’re just chilling or lazing about. Alternatively, tuck it in if you want bonus points on the style front. This look also works well with denim shorts and can be super cute on sunny days.

Tie something around your waist

You might recall we presented an idea that involved tying a belt around your oversized t-shirts to make them a casual dress. Well, you can do something similar with this outfit idea. 

Wear your tea with jeans, track pants - any sort of pants that you like. But, tie another shirt or jacket around your waist. This is the perfect outfit for running errands or going out for some coffee with the girls. Accessorize this with a casual handbag, some white sneakers, and a pair of sunglasses to really give off those soccer mom vibes!

Smarten up with a blazer

Generally, you don’t associate an oversized t-shirt with smartness. So, it’s not always the sort of thing you’d imagine wearing to work. 

However, if you accessorize your outfit with a smart blazer, you can really make it work. Tuck your tee into some smart jeans or work pants, then wear the blazer unbuttoned over it. Get your black work bag over one shoulder, and you’re all set. 

If you’re looking for a way to wear your oversized tee that falls under the smart-casual category, this is certainly it. 

A long-sleeved tee with a skirt

Are you planning on going on a date or having some drinks with your friends? You want to wear something flattering but not too risque, and you also want to be comfortable.

Get your hands on a long-sleeved oversized t-shirt that’s very billowy. Tuck this into a nice little skirt and you have a wonderful outfit for the evening. It screams fun!

Designer oversized t-shirts with heels

How to Style an Oversized T Shirt

This is a wonderful way of styling your t-shirt if you want to create a classy and elegant outfit. The key is picking a designer t-shirt as this holds the whole look together. You want one that’s plain but features some designer branding on the front - like Calvin Klein or YSL. 

Pair this oversized t-shirt with some black skinny pants - leather/faux leather is ideal for this outfit. Then, round it all off with some black heels. Go for the half-tucked look here, and you’ve got a casual chic outfit that will turn heads. You’ll look like a celebrity, especially if you finish the outfit with some blacked-out shades. 

Tips For Styling Your Oversized Tees

You’ve got plenty of outfit ideas to choose from, but you still might need a few extra words of wisdom when styling your oversized tops. So, here are a few basic tips to help you out: 

Decide on the length of the tee

This depends on the look you’re going for. If you want to wear it loose or as a dress, you may want an oversized tee that’s a bit longer than one that you’re tying up and turning into a chic cropped top. 

Plain or graphic?

Again, it varies depending on the outfit you’re putting together. If you want to make a statement with the t-shirt, get one with a graphic design on it. For something simplistic, choose a plain one. 

Don’t forget to accessorize

Accessories are everything when styling an oversized t-shirt. Don’t forget about things like belts, sunglasses, bags, jewelry, and so on. 

As you can see, wearing oversized shirts is a brilliant idea if you want to look stylish in loads of different ways. If you have a handful of oversized t-shirts in your wardrobe, you’ve instantly got at least ten different outfit ideas available.

Big, baggy t-shirts should be a staple for every woman, so get your hands on some and then use our tips to create the perfect outfits for all occasions.