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7 Best Autumn Clothing Ideas in 2021

With autumn winds arriving, it’s time to shake up your wardrobe choices. Here are some great, stylish, and cozy ideas for the chillier seasons of the year. 

Fall is the favorite fashion season for many and it’s not hard to understand why. There are so many fantastic outfits and wardrobe ideas to choose from. You can completely reinvigorate your style and remain cozy whether you’re staying in or heading out for the evening. Piecing together different clothes to create a great autumn outfit is a great idea and we’re going to discuss some of the best ways to do this. Of course, it’s not all about layers and there are some clothes that will be great on their own too. So, let’s check out the best options that would suit you. 


Sweatshirts And Hoodies

7 Best Autumn Clothing Ideas in 2021

Autumn is almost certainly going to bring sweater weather. So, now is the perfect time to get yourself a comfy, cozy sweater that looks fantastic. If you look at fashion currency trending, you’ll find some fun, baggy sweaters that are cropped to show the right level of midriff. Casual and chic, these can be added to many different types of pants for the perfect autumn outfit. Of course, if you want to feel warm and cozy then you can always opt for the classic baggy sweater. These never go out of style and look fantastic. 

Sweaters are also the perfect opportunity to show some of your personality this season. For instance, you might want to think about opting for a sweater with a slogan or caption that is guaranteed to catch attention and show your whimsical spirit. Alternatively, a plain, minimal sweater is going to look effortlessly chic. You can wear a sweater with sweatpants, jeans, leggings, jeggings or any other type of clothing that you’re feeling. 

An oversized sweater can even be worn by itself and still look fantastic. Match it with some sneakers for a style choice that looks effortlessly cool and carefree. Of course, sweaters can also be part of a layered ensemble, worn underneath a long coat or a faux leather jacket. 

You can also opt for a thermal sweater. This is going to provide that extra layer of comfort you are looking for if you do tend to get cold during the later months of the year when you’re out and about. 


Long Sleeve Tops

7 Best Autumn Clothing Ideas in 2021

Longer sleeve tops are a little lighter than sweaters so these are the perfect choice if you are looking for a layered outfit. A long sleeve top can be the perfect addition to an outfit that is outdoor chic. Whether you’re planning on heading hiking or perhaps to an evening party, a long sleeve top is definitely what you need. You can add a wide range of accessories to a choice like this. For instance, you could think about wearing a baseball cap with a necklace or to add a touch more flash to a plain outfit. 

Off-shoulder long sleeve tops are the perfect on-trend choice. Or, if you still think it’s warm enough to show off some skin, then you can choose a cropped long-sleeved top. Remember, black tops are always in style and can combine with darker pants for a slimming outfit that shows off your figure. 

Similar to sweatshirts, long sleeve tops are available in thermal varieties too. So, you won’t have to worry about feeling the chill when choosing an option like this. Long sleeve tops can also be worn with scarfs for a little extra coziness and it’s another way to dress up a clothing choice like this. 

Turtlenecks, v-necks, and pullovers are all great style choices here and these are timeless options and will always look incredible. Long sleeve tops can be worn on virtually any occasion through the autumn months regardless of whether you’re staying in or preparing for a date night. 


Sweat Pants

7 Best Autumn Clothing Ideas in 2021

If you are ready to get cozy this autumn, then we do recommend that you find the perfect pair of sweatpants that you’ll love to wear. These can be part of a great loungewear set that you can wear with a matching top or separately depending on your preferences. 

Sweatpants can also be tight or baggy and you can choose a style based on whether you want to show off your incredible figure or if you’d just like to go casual. Sweats aren’t just for lounging around of course. Through fall, these will be the perfect addition to add to an outfit that you choose to complete some typical errands. 

Don’t forget there are ways to confidently dress up your sweatpants or sweatsuit and ensure that you look incredible. You can guarantee that you are ready for the outdoors by adding a trench coat and accessories with the right pair of earrings. 

When the chillier weather does hit, it’s time to switch out that trench coat and instead think about opting for a warm puffer jacket. Remember to make sure that you match your sweats with the right shoes. A great pair of white sneakers will add to the chilled style choice and ensure that your feet are as comfortable as the rest of your body. 

Of course, if you are feeling daring - and we do mean that - then you can pair sweats with heels and socks. We know this seems like a risky choice but it has been done in the past as a weird formal, informal combo. 


Skirt Ensembles

Does autumn mean that it’s time to say goodbye to your skirts for another year? Not necessarily, you can still wear skirts throughout this season. You can think about opting for a winter skirt or if it is cold outside, then consider matching your favorite skirt with a great pair of tights. If you’re ready to brave the cold, then the right skirt can also be the perfect choice for an autumn evening party or perhaps your thanksgiving outfit. 

You can still reveal a slither of skin even if summer is well and truly behind us. So, if you’re ready to embrace a sexy look, why not opt for a skirt with a high slit. You can complement this with the right footwear such as a great pair of knee-high boots. With an outfit like this, you’ll be prepared for anything that the winter winders might throw at you. 

So, what tops should you match with a skirt like this? Well, there are countless choices to choose from here. You could clash a black skirt with a white crop. Or, you might want to match your skirt with a top that provides a v-shaped midriff for the ultimate sultry look. 

Boots are the only type of footwear that will match this type of skirt. You can also think about matching it with the right pair of flats to keep things comfortable and breezy. 


Long Cardigans

7 Best Autumn Clothing Ideas in 2021

We’ve already mentioned coats and jackets a few times. But it’s worth mentioning again that fall is the perfect time to find that perfect coat. It can be the final layer of a great autumn outfit. You can wear your coat with anything from a hoodie, to a long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, or even a light crop. The choice is entirely up to you. You can also toy with the length of your coat but a trench is always a fashionable choice and will look fantastic with any type of layering that you might be considering here. 

In terms of trending choices when it comes to coats this year, you should think about opting for a coat with a belt. These are back in fashion in a big way and you likely will see the celebs favoring coats and jackets like this during the rest of the season and as we head into the winter months. 

If you want to master the french girl style - and why wouldn’t you - then you’ll need to pair your favorite trench coat with denim, your bee tee, and a pair of clogs. If you head to Paris right now, you’ll see this style choice being constantly repeated. 

Faux leather jackets are another option here that can look great and you can even pair a jacket like this with a pair of leather pants. Remember, if you’re wearing a long coat then a crop top can look fantastic and you’ll seem effortlessly sexy with a choice like this.