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Summer Outfits for Women: The Definitive Guide

Getting ready for summer can be rather difficult. There’s not really a set date when you should swap your wardrobe for summer clothes, and the transition from Spring to Summer can often be riddled with chilly nights, rainy days, and other random weather patterns. However, once the sun comes out to play and the weather starts heating up, it’s a good time to ditch those winter colors and check out the latest summer arrivals.

And to help you out, we’ve prepared a helpful article that will teach you all you need to know about summer outfits for women.

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Tight clothing is usually a no-go

Tight clothing isn’t exactly offensive or frowned upon in the summer, but when the weather gets hot and breezes are minimal, wearing some loosely-fitted clothing is usually the best defense against the heat. The goal in the summer is to have as much airflow as possible. This maximizes cooling and can help you stay in control when the heat starts to increase. As such, we highly recommend that you switch to loosely-fitted shirts and baggier bottoms when the heat starts to get to you.

Of course, that doesn’t mean tight clothing is necessarily bad! There are plenty of great situations to wear tighter clothing, especially if it makes you feel more comfortable or suits your style. However, for practicality’s sake, wearing looser clothing is generally the better choice if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors with no air conditioning and no cooling.

However, this might change from time to time. For example, if you’re frequently going in and out of buildings, then the air conditioning might actually chill you more than you’d expect. Loose clothing and a sustained breeze or cooled air might lower your body temperature more than you’d like, leading to chilly days in the office or cold nights at home. As such, we’d always suggest keeping a jacket or sweater of some kind with you at all times if you do plan on wearing loose clothing to combat the heat during the day.

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Breathable fabrics are your best friend

Most people don’t really wear breathable fabrics unless they’re working out. However, when the weather starts to get warm, it becomes extremely important to keep your body cooled with the right fabrics. Some of the best breathable fabrics include cotton, nylon, rayon, linen, and silk. If you choose these fabrics for daily wear, then you’re going to have a much more comfortable day and you’ll be able to avoid excessive sweat due to the heat.

However, when it comes to summer, your choice of breathable fabric can also make a big difference. For example, nylon and polyester are well-known for their breathable qualities because they’re used in a lot of sportswear. They’re known to wick away moisture and even dry quickly. However, they’re not exactly the most comfortable fabrics and they can retain odors. That’s why people always wash their workout clothes as soon as possible!

In comparison, something like rayon is perfect for casual summer wear. These Champlain Pants and the matching long sleeve are perfect for lounging at home when it’s hot. They’re made from a mix of 48% polyester, 48% rayon, and 4% spandex, giving it the perfect balance of softness, breathability, and style. It comes in a variety of different colors and sizes and is perfect for keeping your body temperature under control during those hot summer evenings at home.


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Keep accessories to a minimum when possible

Accessories are an important part of any outfit. Dangling chains, necklaces, earrings, and rings are a staple for most women regardless of the season. Unfortunately, metal absorbs a lot of heat and it can get a little uncomfortable if you’re wearing a piece of metal that is constantly touching your skin. It can heat up surprisingly quickly when the sun is out and it’s going to make it hard to wear after some time. If you wear some kind of dangling earring or necklace and touch it after spending some time outside, then it’s going to be noticeably hot and perhaps even uncomfortable to hold.

As such, we highly recommend that you keep accessories to a minimum. If you are going to wear something like a necklace, then make sure you have a shirt that can comfortably protect your bare skin from touching it. Rings should generally be avoided if possible, and you should try to stay away from anything that dangles.

Of course, “accessory” includes a huge range of things. Items like hats and sunglasses are perfectly fine and are actually encouraged if you want to stay cool during the summer heat. A nice big hat is perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes and also provides a bit of shade to cool your body. In addition, sunglasses will make it easier for you to see when it starts getting really bright, and they’ll also protect your eyes throughout the summer season.


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Don’t forget your footwear choices

Summer is a fantastic time to bring out the leather sandals and flip-flops. They offer excellent airflow, you don’t need to wear them with socks, and they can let your feet breathe instead of being suffocated with a layer of socks and a tight-fitting shoe. Sandals are great if you want to add a bit of style, but in terms of practicality, flip-flops are perfectly fine as well!

However, if you do want to go a bit more stylish, then a quirky or trend pair of leather sandals is the go-to- choice for most women in summer. If you don’t really like wearing sandals, then there are other shoes that offer plenty of airflow thanks to their material. Loafers can be a good mix of airflow while still keeping your toes hidden and protected, and clogs can also be a good choice if you want something a little heavier to keep you grounded.

If you are going to wear socks and sneakers, we definitely recommend that you try and go for sneakers with better airflow. Breathability is a huge deal if you want to keep away those funky odors. You can generally fight sweaty feet with a combination of moisture-wicking socks and also sneakers that are designed to be breathable. This usually means picking up a pair of running sneakers in a color and design that matches your fashion style.


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Leave your jeans in the wardrobe

Jeans are the go-to bottoms choice for most seasons. There’s really nothing wrong with them even in the summer, but you’ll want to ditch them if you’re starting to feel the heat. Denim is an extremely heavy fabric in comparison to most other summer wear. If you find it a little too warm or want something more loose-fitting, then we’d suggest lighter fabrics both in terms of weight and color. Lightweight cotton pants are a fantastic choice, but linen can also be a really good choice for breathability and comfort.

This Brecken Washed Short is a fantastic example of summer bottoms that offer the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and style. Made from an equal blend of polyester and rayon, they’re breathable, soft, and great for everyday wear. They’re loose so you’ll feel the breeze to help cool you down, but they’re also comfortable enough to wear every day with zero issues.

However, for the people that really want to wear jeans or would prefer denim, you should at least try to pick something that is a little looser especially around the bottom half of the jeans. Airflow is a must when the weather starts to get a little hotter, so we highly suggest that you start thinking about wide-leg jeans. These are surprisingly common to find during the summer and are a must-have if your jeans feel tight or too hot to wear in the summer.


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Switching to lightly-colored clothing

Wearing lightly-colored clothing is a given for most people, but many of us do it only because it seems to fit nicely with the long days and laid-back atmosphere in summer. But did you know that lightly-colored clothing also reflects the sun’s rays? Since it reflects most of the visible wavelengths, it means that lightly-colored clothing actually absorbs less heat. In comparison, wearing darker clothes means that it absorbs heat, making our clothes warmer to the touch.

So if you want to stay cool and still stick with the summer theme, we highly recommend that you start wearing lighter clothes. The image above is a great example of this. A lightly-colored textured tee with a matching pair of bottoms is bright, offers some subtle colors, and helps to keep you cool in the sun.


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Get used to wearing dresses for summer weather

Dresses are perfect for summer because they are breathable, they’re not very tight, and they offer plenty of room for airflow. Many women will find that they’re uncomfortable in dresses. Perhaps they’re used to wearing them for formal occasions only, or maybe they prefer not to show too much skin. Thankfully, there are dresses of all different shapes and sizes that are an absolute must-have for summer. It’s perfectly fine to go longer if you don’t like showing too much of your legs, and it can offer plenty of circulation as long as it’s not too tight.

This Wave Washed Dress is a great example of a comfortable and casual dress that can be worn throughout the summer. It has a distinct vintage look with a crew neckline that offers extra airflow around the upper body. It’s a relaxed fit that isn’t too tight or too loose, and it runs halfway down the thighs which makes it comfortable to wear even if you’re more reserved with your summer clothing.

It comes in a variety of sizes and two colors. Black goes fantastic with lightly-colored accessories, but the silver variety can be great if you’re looking for extra protection against the heat. As explained above, lightly-colored fabrics tend to fare better when it comes to deflecting the sun, helping you stay cool and making your dress more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.


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Layering in the summer with thin clothes

Adding layers to your clothing can create a lot more visual interest, but it’s difficult to do in the summer without getting too hot. However, one smart way to get around this is to layer using thin clothes and breathable fabrics. Modal fabric is a perfect example when it comes to choosing breathable, light, and thin clothes that are perfect for layering in the summer.

This Simi Textured Tank is fantastic for layering in warmer conditions because it’s got a relaxed fit and offers plenty of airflow. We’d suggest pairing it with a thin jacket and some shorts, but longer linen bottoms can also work great. It’s also lightly colored which also helps to reflect the sun’s rays, keeping it a bit cooler than darker fabrics.

We generally suggest that you try to keep your layers simple. Since most women don’t wear many layers during the summer, it can be tempting to wear a single top with a unique pattern or eccentric colors. This is fine if you’re wearing a solo piece, but if you try to layer two unique pieces then it can be a little loud and may end up looking gaudy. If you want to keep it simple, your layered pieces should be bold but simple. This helps you keep a consistent style no matter how many layers you wear and creates more contrast between your pieces.


Some final words

Hopefully, this guide has shown you that dressing for summer isn’t as challenging as it first seems. It’s mostly about making smarter fabric choices, adding some visual interest with accessories and unique clothing pieces, and focusing on maximum airflow to help keep your body cool throughout the season.